Everyday is a step. A fresh step towards a day that you will never experience again. Make sure it’s worth it.

That being said. There are sad days, angry days, and absolutely horrendous days. These days help us recognize and appreciate the wonderful days even more.

Hello. I’m Jessi, a newbie of the blogging world. I’m a 24 year old living in lower Michigan. I’m currently in the limbo of adjusting to the career world. When I was in school, I had my plate pretty full with everything imaginable (I wanted to be in EVERYTHING). After spending 4.5 long years to earn a Bachelor of Social Work, I find myself lacking the busy bee lifestyle I was so accustomed to. Therefore, that is how JoyouslyJess came about.

I want to write about what inspires me and what brings me happiness. Therefore, this will be mostly lifestyle blogging. Subjects that I blog about are: beauty, fashion, fitness, DIYs, motivation, and empowerment.

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