The Joker: Final Cut

in Beauty, February 1, 2018


A few weeks ago, I teamed up with Kevin Stace Photography to bring our version of the Joker to life.



I would be lying if I wasn’t nervous to shoot. I have never done my makeup in front of a professional photographer before. Of course, I had so many worries running through my head, “What if I mess up,” “This line isn’t perfect with the others”, and various others comments filled my head when I was doing the makeup.

However, when I stepped in front of the camera with Kevin, it felt super comfortable. Kevin made it an easy environment to work in and even got the wig to complete the look of the Joker.



Kevin is a talented Michigan-based photographer. He has done several shoots for several companies, families, and even pets for years! His easy-going personality helps people relax and be able to show off their best side. I highly recommend you check out his other work in the link below.



Follow Kevin on Instagram to see more of his work. Click Here

Watch the tutorial on how I did the makeup on my YouTube channel. Click Here.


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