I can’t believe how quickly 2017 flew by! December’s musing is going to be about my year overall and my goals for next year!


2017 In Review:


2017 was a year of growth for me. I graduated college with my Bachelors in Social Work at the near end of 2016, so the start of 2017 was me putting in my application anywhere that would take me. It took about a month before I started to hear back and 2 months when I finally landed a job in my degree. It’s been an exciting opportunity that had me expand on my skills as a social worker and gave me several experiences that tested my talents.

I also learned to expel toxic people from my life. I had several people who would walk over me and used me for their own benefits. These “friends” did not do anything for me and I had to learn the hard way to rid myself of the negativity they brought. In the process of decluttering my group of toxic friends, I have a newfound love of my friends who bring out the best in me. I surrounded myself with those who challenge me and love me for who I am and not mold me into something I’m not.

At first, Colton and I were unsure of wanting to stay in Adrian. We looked for different apartments and houses to rent for months until we found a beautiful fixer upper and an amazing couple to rent from! They allowed us to increase our “adulting” skills and learned how to work together to fix up a house into a home.

I had to do a lot of understanding of myself and diving deep into what makes me tick. Overcoming my fears that my anxieties have placed in front of me were no easy task. I had to learn to love myself with my insecurities and not be ashamed of them.


2018 Resolutions:


My resolutions are simple. I’m devoting this year to be the year of ME. It took me far too long to understand that I shouldn’t waste my time on people who use me and situations that never pan out. I want to improve on the skills I developed in 2017. I become a better version of me and to improve my spirituality and self-love. I want to combat my moments of weakness and not feel defeated after overcoming them. I want to be strong in my mentality and physique. 2018 will be the year I do things for myself rather than other people.


So here’s a toast to the start of a new 365 days of adventures. I hope this year treats everyone reading well. Till Next Time,

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