Small Bathroom Remodel

in DIY, December 20, 2017

Bathrooms are often the forgotten and awkward relative of the family that many people avoid talking to. Even though we spend a lot of time in there throughout our lives, they tend to lack luster in the excitement of home remodeling. Nonetheless, there is a clear difference from a warm inviting bathroom and one that you don’t want any of your bare skin to touch (cue rundown gas station bathroom horror). Thankfully, we weren’t to that point and had a lot to work with to make this room shine.


This is our upstairs bathroom before. White walls with the diamond jubilee vinyl tile in white/green.  (Not shown are the multiple towel racks.)


However, just like the rest of the house, we saw the potential for greatness. So we splashed on a cool grey on the walls and put in this beautiful commack pine laminate flooring (the same flooring as our kitchen since we had a box and a half extra of the planks). And poof! The bathroom took on a whole new look with very little effort!


I loved how the bathroom turned out with just getting the room painted and the floor done! It has more of an inviting look to it. The semi-gloss of the paint helped hide any imperfections that we couldn’t fix and the grey made the trim really stand out.


The Rest of the To Do:

We’re still considering whether or not to paint the cabinets and replace the hardware to really bring out the life of the room. Not to mention we get to find/make some really cool decor now that the walls are free from the multiple towel racks. For now, we’re satisfied with the turn out.


I hope you enjoyed reading this short remodel post!


Till Next Time,


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