Little Autumn Project

in DIY, November 5, 2017

The past few months we started on getting the landscape ready. We had these bushes that were old and overgrown in front of the porch. They weren’t the easiest to remove as they all had complicated root systems.




After we got rid of the bushes, we were able to put down some black mulch that was on sale at our local Lowes. I love the look of the black as it does well to cover the ground underneath. My father built the flower box and we coated with a nice blue to go with the house. I was able to find this pot at Marshall’s for only $7.99!



Of course as we approached closer to Halloween, S.O. and I went pumpkin picking to find some to brighten the front porch. I used some simple cardboard paint, gold acrylic paint, and glitter to give them some personality.



I love the little set up we have. I can’t wait what more we can do with the landscaping and the porch next spring.




Til next time.



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