Smudging benefits you and your well-being. It helps improve your mental focus and makes you feel refreshed by clearing the air. This leads you to combat feelings of sadness, fatigue, anxiety, or anger more easily. Smudging also can provide relaxing effects that relieves stress and tension.


How to smudge:

  • Open a window in each room to allow the negative energies to escape.
  • Light the end of sage until there’s a flame. Blow it out and it should resemble an incense-like smoke.
  • Move clockwise throughout your rooms and get all the corners of your house.
  • Extinguish the herb either by letting it burn out in a fire-resistant container or run it under cold water.


You can find smudging sticks in select stores, online or you can make your own. There’s a bunch of different ways you can make smudge sticks, check out all the tutorials on Pinterest! I got mine at a Mind Body Spirit store in my local city.

I highly recommend giving this a try. I love doing it after having a rough week at work. I feel completely renewed and ready to take on my next challenge. I also enjoy doing this before meditating since it clears away negative energy.


Til next time,

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