October Musing

in lifestyle, October 30, 2017

What an October!

One of my favorite months and it sped by way too fast! The changing of the leaves, the smell of apples, picking pumpkins, and the cooler weather just speaks to my soul so much. Not only that but being able to layer outfits and wear boots is fantastic as well!


This October I spent a lot of time reflecting on the changes my life has undergone in the past year. Graduating college, landing that career job, and moving into a house are just some of the major changes that occurred. However, I also underwent some soul-searching changes.

Right now I couldn’t express how blessed I am to have the friends I do. They encourage me to reach my goals, challenge me to step outside the box, and unconditionally love who I am and what I bring to the table. They’re by my side when things are good and when things are rough. The handful of people who I have are worth a million and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

This wasn’t always the case. I had friends who were toxic and dragged me through their mud. Shaming me for being unable to afford certain luxuries or using my talents for their own benefit. Not going to lie, it hurt a lot. It also hurts leaving them behind as I started to focus on myself. But as I look back, I smile at the good times I had with them and thankful that I didn’t allow them to stay in my life any longer than I did. It’s okay to move on from a person who used to be your “best” friend. Especially if they no longer motivate you to achieve your full potential. Your friend group should be your cheer squad in life.

I also spent time looking at my goals. I’m the type of person who will set ridiculously high goals for oneself. Even though it’s okay to set high goals and have something to look forward to in the future, it’s even better to set smaller goals that you can carry out quickly. These goals can be as simple as setting a new sleep routine or choosing not to eat the third cookie in a row. You generally will be more at peace with yourself if you can accomplish one thing a week. If you only have long-term goals, then you may experience more feelings of defeat and loss.

Learning that life is short so enjoy a little. No, I’m not saying to spend all your money on materialistic items to make you temporarily happy. More so of it’s okay to not win in a fight or be always right. Picking your battles instead of attacking each one head on. Doing this leads to exhaustion, depression, and restlessness in your life. Enjoy the sunshine against your skin or the taste of a good cup of coffee on a chilly morning. Appreciate those small little things in life. Soon enough another day, month, year has passed by and you will never get that moment again. So soak up the positivity that it brings.

October threw me through some loops, but overall treated me well. I was able to spend time with really good friends, enjoyed fall activities with my S.O., cuddled up with the pups on cold nights, and much more. I’m sad that it soared by and now we’re entering into the snowy jolly months of November and December. I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween and be as ghoulish as you’d like.



Til next time.


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