We are officially moved into the house! After 94 hours in 27 days, we have made the home livable. I honestly feel like I don’t remember anything for the month of June since it flew by so fast! What I do remember is the lessons Colton and I learned throughout the journey.


Prioritizing Your Projects

This was huge for us. We couldn’t just start anywhere and expect it to go smoothly. We had to sit down and figure out worst-case scenarios and at minimum what we could live with. For us, this was completing the entire upstairs before even starting on the downstairs. That way we could have the carpet installed and have at least one bathroom to use if something happened and we couldn’t get finished in time.  Thankfully, all but one room was painted and livable. Now that we’re moved in we can work on other projects to make the house a home.


Working Together

This was our first real big project as a couple. We’ve been together for years img_6868and learned so much so far. However, that was nothing compared to the work that had to be done. There were days where we both were exhausted, hot, and wanted to jump down each other’s throats. But after showering and getting something to eat, we realize we didn’t mean the things that we said or wanted to say. We apologized and understood that this was just building our relationship even more. Our communication has gotten better and we broke those barriers that held us from saying, “I need help with this” or “I need to take a break.” Understanding each other’s limits and picking up slack when the other has a rough day is also important with working together.



Compromising was hard for me especially. I’m the type of person who wants everything done now. It drives me bonkers when something isn’t perfect or it’s unfinished. We had to move in with the cabinets not done and a whole room still needing to be painted (not to mention the work we have to do outside). Colton had to sit me down and have me relax to help better understand that it’s okay that everything isn’t finished. That’s the whole point of redoing a home. Sometimes you just have to meet in the middle and just bite the bullet on things. We have so much time to finish things and not everything has to be done right this second.


Finally, remembering to love each other

It doesn’t matter if the house is unfinished or if it was completely finished, at the end of the day we still had to sleep next to one another. No matter what was said or done that day, we had to take it for what it is and love each other. All of the flaws, strengths, weaknesses, everything. That’s the best thing being in a relationship. We have to love the entirety of the other person in order for things to work. It doesn’t truly matter whether or not it was a good day. What matters is what happens afterwards. We have to remember that we love each other for all of life’s journey, not just for the good parts.


All in all, I’m happy that we have a house to live in. The neighborhood is great, the landowners are awesome, and it’s peaceful. We even noticed a change in our dogs’ behavior. They are much more relaxed than we have ever seen them in the apartments we lived in. Everything feels right.


Stay tuned for the upcoming projects that are being done. Next week, I’m finishing the cabinets and giving them a whole new look!

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