Ideas for Self-Care

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Life makes you do funny things like go to school for long periods of time and when you’re done, it’s a completely different world. I have always been that person who had to keep multiple planners in order to straighten out my days and fill up any free time that was available. In High School, I was big into sports and clubs. In College, I had my sorority, job(s), and my major. Now that I’ve completed my undergraduate degree and taking a little time off before heading to my Masters, I find myself more relaxed and having the ability of controlling what I do for my day. Before, I was lucky to be able to take my dogs for a long walk and snuggle in to watch a movie. Now I can binge watch an entire series on Netflix with the pups while not having to worry about responsibilities.

Self-care is very important and I didn’t realize that importance until after college and the damage done to my body. Remember that phrase people often use—“Stress can kill”? Well, it certainly can. Please don’t believe that if you drink your 5th latte for the day that will take of your impeding feelings of dread of that next big test. I encourage you all to take an hour, even if you have to schedule it into your planner, for self-care and take care of yourself. Your body and mind will thank you for it. I listed four ideas that may encourage you to indulge in self-care.


1) Meditate.

Meditating is a big one for me. Please believe me when I say that you don’t need the entire yoga mat with matching yoga tools to be able to meditate. If you do, that’s wonderful! There are several sources online that show you different poses that help reduce stress! You can also do some simple breathing exercises when you’re in bed, or even meditate in the shower. Yes, you read that right. You can meditate in the shower. Now I don’t expect you to do a downward dog in the shower. More so, imagine the water washing away any of those stressful or anxiety-producing thoughts. Focus on how the water hits against your skin and how it flows down to the floor taking all those negativity thoughts. Allow yourself to let it go and you’ll have a clear head afterwards.


2) Exercise.

I know I know. I said the dreaded “e” word. Many people find difficulty with working out or they may have health conditions that prevent them from lifting weights. Although, if you are able to, just taking a stroll around campus or the neighborhood will help boost your moods. It gets you outside and moving. However, if you do enjoying exercising that’s wonderful! Make sure you schedule some time out of your busy agenda to be able to do that.


3) Nails.

Do your nails. Seriously. Whether it be your fingernails or your toes, it will help you to sit down and stay still for a moment. While you wait, why not dig into that TV series that you been dying to see! Or invite some friends over and make a night out of it! Friends help you forget about the stressful thoughts that have been consistently on your mind.


4) Take a nap.

Now I don’t mean passing out for the next 3 hours. However, it is known that a 20-30 minute nap will help boost your morale and help you focus on the tasks at hand. Especially if you have been pulling those all-nighters for that big project. Naps allow your brain to slow down and rejuvenate. Also, naps help reduce mistakes and accidents. Plus, it’s like a mini vacation away from the world.


Hopefully these suggestions provided some help to you. Life gets hectic and stress can be overwhelming. Just make sure you battle it head-on with some self-care and you can do almost anything that you set your mind to.

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